Zirkolith® Dental Implants

What are Zirkolith dental implants?

Zirkolith dental implants are a type of ceramic dental implant that is offered in the United States and Canada for patients that are in need of dental reconstructive surgery.  The scientific term commonly used is Zirconium Oxide Ceramics; they are completely metal free and very durable. Because Zirkolith dental implants are ceramic, they are less succeptible to plaque buildup than typical titanium dental implants. This means that they are more efficient in preventing things like pre-implantitits, cardiovascular disease, or even stroke!

Zirkolith Zirconium implants have been used in the medical field for over 20 years, mainly for implants of prosthetic joints, with good success. They have gained popularity in the last decade, over their titanium counterparts, because of their non-metal composition, comfort and natural lure. There is zero chance of corrodibility with Zirkolith dental implants! What’s more, the implants are biocompatible- meaning the enamel will naturally form a smooth continuous progression of the implant into the gumline, just like a natural tooth. In other words, they are gum-friendly! One of the things that turns people away from the option of titanium implants is that in comparison, they have been found to leave a dull, grey metallic coloring along the gumline. So the fact that the Zirkolith dental implants look and feel like natural teeth is a big win!

Zikolith dental implants have some more benefits! Firstly, there are no allergic reactions. There is also zero sensitivity to temperature (as these ceramic implants are non-conductive) and no impact on taste.

Who makes Zirkolith dental implants?

            For over 14 years, zsystems, the leading suplier of ceramic implants, has sold over 30,000 Zirkolith dental implants around the world! What really makes Zirkolith dental implants special is that they are treated with a patented SLM (surface laser modified) laser process which enables the surface of the implant to achieve the optimal degree of micro/macro roughness. What this means is a more realistic, natural looking implant! Additionally, unlike traditional tooth/teeth replacement procedures like dental dams and dentures, Zirkolith dental implants don’t require special maintenance, creams or powders!

How long does a typical Zirkolith dental implant surgery take?

A typical Zirkolith dental implant surgery takes about 15-20 minutes for one implant. Depending on the number of implants needed, the procedure can take longer. After the procedure has taken place, patients may experience minor discomfort in the form of soreness.

Zirkolith dental implants have a healing proces of approximately 6-12 weeks until they are able to attain complete osseointegration. (Osseointegration derives from the Greek osteon, bone, and the Latin integrare, to make whole. The term refers to the direct structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of a load-bearing artificial implant. [src: Wikipedia]). We recommend that to achieve the best possible results patients defer from any sticky food. Caring for your Zirkolith dental implant is just like caring for your other regular teeth, they are very tissue-friendly (biocompatible) and less succeptible to inflamation, corrodibility and infection than titanium implants.

 Ceramic vs titanium dental implants?

The decision to use ceramic or titanium dental implants should be fully discussed between patient and surgeon.

If you would like to learn more about Zirkolith dental implants and see if they are for you, please contact us via the link at the top of the website!