What is Involved in a Comprehensive Exam?

For a comprehensive exam, your visit will last approximately 45 minutes. Using an interactive approach, we will review your dental history, individual concerns, and goals of treatment. We will then proceed with a comprehensive periodontal examination, which includes but is not limited to the following:

TMJ (jaw joint)
Oral cancer
Periodontal pockets
Tooth mobility
Gum recession
Level and type of gum inflammation (infection)
Occlusion (bite)
Missing and malposed teeth
Cosmetic concerns
When a comprehensive exam is performed, Dr. Cataldo will then review the conditions in your mouth and recommended treatment. He will also discuss the risks of leaving the conditions untreated. He will outline the number of visits necessary, fees and time involved in treatment.

By thoroughly educating our patients, they are in the best position to understand the necessity and type of treatment. We strongly encourage patients to bring a spouse, friend, relative, or significant other to the treatment conference.

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